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Am Echad is not an organization. Rather, it's a group of concerned Orthodox community members from the United States who have taken upon themselves to raise awareness of  the deep emotional, spiritual and economic connection that America’s Orthodox Jewish community shares with their brethren in Israel. The love of the land, the love of its people and the support of its contributions to the betterment of mankind across the globe.


Am Echad delegates meet with Israeli politicians, business leaders and citizens to focus on their common interests and foster feelings of unity. 



Am Echad's goal is to communicate. To bring people of diverse backgrounds, different levels of observance, varied ideologies,to one table to talk and to discover that despite the things that may divide them, the things that unite them are much deeper and  more real than previously believed.


Am Echad encourages sharing of, and listening to, different viewpoints  with the objective of   inspiring frank expression of ideas. 


Am Echad: Because We Are One Nation; One Family; One Israel.



Is the world's Jewish population shrinking? The alarming rates of intermarriage and the demographic reports definitely seem to indicate a decline in households that identify as Jewish in large segments of the globe. Which segments of Judaism are  in decline and which, if any, are on the rise?  Check out the stats and see for yourself the state of the Jewish people across the globe.


We Are ONE!

Our Backgrounds

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...But Our Heritage



"The number of Orthodox Jewish making Aliyah is rapidly rising, while Aliyah of other denominations is in decline."

- Mr. Shlomo Werdiger, Chairman Board of Trustees, Agudath Israel of America

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“We will need to follow this up once we get back to America, but we definitely see some positive progress.”

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