Am Echad Mission

Am Echad represents a broad swath of the American Orthodox Jewish community – from Chareidim to Modern Orthodox, including clergy and laypeople, men and women. We respect and honor the Jewish religious heritage of all Jews, and, as Jews have done for centuries, long for the peace and security of our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael. According to the respected Pew Research Center, the American Orthodox community is the segment of American Jewry most emotionally attached to Israel, by far.1


This reflects the central role of the Land of Israel in Jewish tradition, and communal awareness of the dangers facing Israel today. Our deep and abiding bond with Israel manifests itself in many ways, including:


• Visiting Israel frequently, even during the Intifadas and subsequent wars

• Sending our children to study and live in Israel, both before and after marriage

• Investing in Israeli business ventures and real estate

• Making aliyah in numbers unequaled by other segments of American Jewry

• Sending charity to Israeli individuals, institutions and organizations

• Advocating for Israel’s security wherever possible


We are also keenly sensitive to our people’s history. We understand that the scourge of anti-Semitism hides behind many facades, and recognize it in the contemporary anti-Israel movements. We have also witnessed with anguish the failure of non- Orthodox American Jewish movements to promote in-marriage and Jewish observance, and the disturbing prominence in those movements of antiIsrael attitudes that evidence a lack of understanding of Jewish history and Jewish values. Equally disturbing are the attempts by some of these movements to coerce Israel from across the ocean to change the religious status quo. That agreement helped to establish the Jewish state and a framework for religious-secular coexistence within it.